Help for fast food joints

Special surprise for all the fast food joints worldwide!!!!!!!
Beef that is grass fed actually helps people lose weight
because it’s natural.

Enjoy the skyrocketing profits.

~From Our Father, Y’hayah.

One caveat, Fresh is best. If it’s not fresh, yuk, poor management,
Don’t blame me, Dave Thomas of Wendy’s was right.

Business is business.


Yes, that’s Our Abba, In reality. 😀

One more thing…
Hormones fed to animals is one of the major problems
that Satan has caused. DO NOT USE THEM.~Y’hayah

I can confirm this, I’ve been to Europe.
Wow! Look at the size of those cows! They’re HUGE!

The Belgian Blue (French: ‘Blanc-Bleu Belge’, Dutch: ‘Belgisch Witblauw’, both literally meaning “Belgian White-Blue”) is a breed of beef cattle from Belgium.

Honestly, I’ve never seen cows that big.

Hint hint…

Vacuum sealed bags to go, for people who want to eat their meal fresh later, at lunch at work.