So much beauty, so much ugliness

The truth. God is responsible for allowing evil spirit men to be on Earth with His defenseless Children in The Garden of Eden. The only way He can redeem Himself is to make everyone perfect with no problems, There probably wouldn’t have been a problem because ADAM AND EVE WERE MADE WITH LOVE.GOD TOLD EVE TO LISTEN TO THE MAN AND THE MAN MADE A DEAL WITH SATAN AND Told Eve to try the fruit and bring him some if it was good. Satan pretended He was God and told the man that if he wanted a blonde woman as a reward, or an ungodly woman that this was what to do. Satan is evil and leaves clues to mock Our Innocent Creator and Eternal Sacred Father. Blondes in The Middle East are highly prized. Princess Diana and me Princess Tiffany, heiress to The British Empire. At least that’s the story my mother told and that my Aunt Margo Dunn in The United States had the real coat of arms with lions on it and that I descended from William The Conquerer. I was born blonde, and I am probably Diana’s cousin, of The House of Windsor. Ironically Windsor Herald wouldn’t acknowledge me. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 New International Version (NIV) only.

After I translated Matthew 27.46 life became an absolute nightmare.

Satan somehow convinced me to lower my vocal registers when I was young for singing to try and hack my limbic nucleus. Before that I had a lilting voice. When I was 12 years old, a gang of men kicked my face in to the point of death to erase my dynamic symmetry and artistic beauty and installed static symmetry with precision. My smile was miraculously preserved. When I smile, it lifts the muscular damage and I look a bit like a bit like myself.

How can you have your face kicked in at 12 years old by a of men relentlessly on Woods St. in Chatham, Ontario, with police records and everything, and still your smile is preserved?

Is it the same? A woman being desecrated in every conceivable way, including sexually, is it the same as a man duking it out with another man, two boys in a boy fight?

There is only one answer. No.

No is the only answer.

No means no to a woman.

Created “people are “not” Vulcans and can not reason things out nor make rational decisions when unrealities are occurring and they are weak physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Virtual reality with haptic response, which means the person can “feel” what they are experiencing is causing major problems for people. Alien abduction experiences, such as being dissected, are actually felt by people but it does not leave a physical mark on them. Sexual abuse of people also happens in the bedroom and the bathroom where God does not look. Baby cribs are kept in the bedroom where their parents have sex. I can’t tell you the rest, it is too horrifying to imagine, let the thought recede and walk away from it is all a person can do. It is too horrific for the mind. The Bible says that God cannot look upon evil, true, but that means He never knew about it. How can Our Creator or His Son ever let spirit men do these things to women, women born with birth defects and to children? Too naive and innocent doesn’t help those who suffer.

Read the following:

Introduction to spiritual confusion of people

The suffix “ian” on the word Christ means “of the party of”

Anyone who fights love only ends up looking stupid and mean.


God allows people to believe they are loved by God while they are in the world tortured by Satan. I loved God so much I thought I was safe with Him no matter what happened while I was tortured for 7 years. A male voice in my mouth that tried to induce schizophrenia.

Satan operates in the bedroom and the bathroom where God does not look. Some people keep cribs in the bedroom.

This bullshit is over.

God and and His Son, The First of God’s Children are both guilty of premeditated murder. They have too much love for one another, so much so, God is willing to allow His Son to murder anyone He wants to.

I am a Peoplician, spiritual police, and God and His Son are trying to stop me from delivering these simple instructions that would save most or all people, and avoid “The Great Slaughter” written about in The Bible.

Isaiah 30.25 In the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall, streams of water will flow on every high mountain and every lofty hill.

There is absolutely no real or credible reason for a “Great Slaughter”.

I found out Jehovah is God, Jesus is The Son of God is possible and that Jehovah’s Witnesses are using those names.

God’s little secret. He lets people believe Watch Tower is The Synagogue of Satan unless they listen to Jehovah’s Witnesses and they never find out His Name unless they do. And He doesn’t even listen to their prayers.

The real word for God’s spirit is ruah, but if they are in the world, God let’s anything happen to women by spirit men, and let’s Satan give them ruach “which means “wind” in their upper chest and respiratory tract and they believe they have God’s spirit. A male spirit breathing, even for the women. The soul is located to the right of the heart and Satan is trying to convince people that they have ruach coming out of their soul and communicating with a male voice and breathing with a masculine breath out of their mouth. Ruah is not wind, period. Ruah is spirit only, and if you knowingly calling it ruach, “wind” it is a blaspheme of God’s sacred spirit. If you did not know and you repent without hesitation, God may forgive you, if you call God’s spirit “wind” with full knowledge about this, it is the only unforgiveable sin, a sin against against the sacred spirit itself. God is love and God is spirit, He is a spirit person with infinite eternal love, outward love, ahabah in ancient Hebrew. God is a person and infinite love is what he feels, His spirit is eternal and returns to Him ‘if’ a person has it when they die.

Ecclesiastes 12.7 Ecclesiastes 12:7: Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (King James Version, hereafter cited as KJV) and the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the breath returns to God who gave it.

The King James Version is incorrect. And it is not the only one.

Psalm 146:4 When his spirit departs, he returns to the ground; on that very day his plans perish. (

This is a critical thing to know and sin against God’s spirit is the only unforgiveable sin. Therefore why is “breath” associated with “spirit” in so many Bibles. God refuses to acknowledge this.

When a person has the sacred spirit, it is not discernable as male or female and yet, on such a critical subject, so much so. it involves life and death, this ruach experience by women feels unnatural and unholy, and male. For a godly “woman” it is torture. Godly means with reverent love, loyal and dutiful. And yet Jehovah’s Witnesses refer to God’s spirit they use the word “it” and know and explain that the pronoun “He” is personification.

God is 100% singular masculine. He does not have the feelings of a woman “AT ALL”, do not have the heart, of a woman, the spirit of a woman or anything else of a womantherefore it is impossible for Him, or His Son, The First of His Created Children, or any of The 144,00 Kings mentioned in the Bible, to have empathy at all for women who have “The Ruach Experience”.

And yet they allow it to be done to women.

And God and His Son allow spirit men to torture women and think that it is ok to do this. It is impossible to fight spirit men and we can’t use our nails.

This is a violation of God’s Laws of Natural Creation, and He is subject to His own laws. Otherwise There is no law at all.

The Law of The Christ is final. Love without mercy is nothing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is nothing. Never has more love been shown by anyone than by God and His Son, The First of His Children at Calvary. But love must “always” be with mercy. Love without mercy only benefits the giver of it. Love without mercy is nothing. If a person is driven out of their mind, in a Viet Cong torture hut, it is not admissible in court as sin. Even God’s Court or His Son’s Judgement Room.

Ahyah sent me is all I know, with reasonable evidence. But God’s Name will not be known for a certainty until revealed to “men” who are the true Faithful and Discrete Slave of God. I can prove any Divine Name reasonably using the knowledge available in this world, but I will not be accused of anything for any reason, when I am the foremost authority on The Divine Name and I can not discern it because it has been obfuscated by someone. That is not fair and that is not Justice at all, considering that I can explain the truth of salvation with four lines of text and two scriptures, one of which is an improved John 3.16 which I CREATED, that makes the truth unambiguous and easy to understand.

I asked God to let me speak His Name a long time ago. And it was Ahyah that I spoke. No matter how I spelled it, it was always Ahyah, Ehyeh, Ahyah, Ayya Y’aya with the double yodh (yod) and a sheva from Targum Onkelos. And even before that Ehyeh was always pronounced ay’ah to me. How could I not have faith? Before I knew about punctuation on The Moabite Stone, I thought it was Jja YHWH, and called Him Jja The Living One. If you read the page called The Khaburis Codex on you may find what you are looking for. But everything on this page is The Truth.

But there is a greater truth, regardless of anything, I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for my Creator and Eternal Sacred Father, and The Sacrifice of His First Created Son in Heaven. Somehow I am alive, maybe for today only, but it’s a funny thing I learned about eternal love, it always comes back. With every spark of love burned away, there would would always be one light that remained, it’s from a song I wrote. I’m fine for the moment and I love my Father in Heaven anyway, or at least I might have but the haptic torture just happened again. He just won’t accept that no means no to a woman. He wouldn’t put His “SON” back up on the cross or whatever was used by The Romans. The evidence I found says it was a cross.

So much beauty, so much ugliness, that’s what the song “Starry Starry Night” is all about. The feelings of Vincent van Gogh.

The Sacrifice of His Son showed the beauty, but that was one time. Love should “always” be like that. Not just one time. Love with mercy “all the time” is what was needed. He just didn’t know, until it was too late.

Probably anyone with the ability to understand what I have written and with the evidence in my possession on my mobile phone would have been Christian today, and I would have been born a True Christian, if God would have done this after the death of His Son, The First of His Children in Heaven, and preserved it. I’m sure, with infinite power and strength that He has, this could have been done effortlessly, if “He” had thought of it and realized the implications of His decision about life and who would live or die. I am a nurturing woman woman and I only love and I am merciful, but I am not stupid.

The frequency of a person’s voice when they have gender identity issues effects how a masculine or feminine a person feels physically, also effects how a spirit person identifies that person.

I am a woman and found the precise frequency that is absolutely natural for me and understand in the absolute sense who I am.

I had a naturally smooth neck in appearance after voice register training, but was tortured to such a degree by Watch Tower and Satan, that I now have a lump in my throat where there should not be one, because a low frequency register , a masculine voice in my mouth spiritually, relentlessly worked to produce an unnatural lump in my throat for 7 years. The question will be, what did Our Creator know and when. Because He knows with a certainty that I am a woman.y

Males don’t like to admit it when they make a mistake or are wrong. Wonder where they got that.

Love without mercy is nothing. No matter how hard I screamed, since I translated Matthew 27.46 see for the Watch Tower torture device to be removed by God or His Son, The First of His Children in Heaven, I received no mercy. Love without mercy is nothing.

The only way that the sacred spirit could be holy to women, that I can imagine, is for it to be located between the brain and the mind without touching the body.

I am innocent of the charges of Watch Tower which resulted in this torture.

Whatever happens, don’t worry at all. It is so bizarre, no matter what happens between God and Satan, as long as you believe John 3.16 and Carry out Romans 9:10,11 you “will” be saved, if you only love, regardless what happens between God and Satan.

Any Father who leaves His Children on the street freezing, I don’t care what His reasoning is, or won’t tell His Son who He gave absolute power and authority to except for prayer, I don’t care what Your Children did, it is wrong to leave people on the street freezing. I am a Christian lady, and it happened to me. Obviously, no one in Heaven thought it was wrong, not even one angel would help me. I don’t care about pious bullshit, I care about love and mercy. And I am a nurturing woman who cares about people and can’t stand to see them suffer anymore.

Love is “always” merciful.

All I ever did was loved God and His Son and loved people.

You break it, you bought it, Pottery Barn rules.

Genesis 6.1 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them,

Genesis 6.2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

God knew the spirit men were after us, His Daughters, and let them have us, as food, in modern times, since 1914, under the rule of His Son, The First of His Created Children, in Heaven. I am a Christian lady.

Jeremiah 25.33 At that time those slain by The Creator will be everywhere—from one end of the earth to the other. They will not be mourned or gathered up or buried, but will be like dung lying on the ground.

I’ve already seen manure on the ground from God’s point of view, in Ottawa, Canada, downtown at 3am on an unseasonably cold August day and night. I am hypersensitive to cold, and I was with them, manure on the ground, from God’s point of view. I am a Christian lady and God has no natural feelings of a father for his little girl.

Here’s the problem.

1 Samuel 8.6 But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to The Father.

Samuel thought to himself “this ain’t gonna work”.

1 Samuel 8.6 But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to The Father.

Samuel was right. The whole Kingdom idea does not work at all in reality. A Beautiful Father and a Beautiful Son is the truth, with such fierce eternal love for us. It’s actually just a beautiful family of people who only love. The Kingdom idea makes Our Father in Heaven less approachable. Who is more approachable, a wonderful Father who is absolutely adorable in a recliner telling stories to His Children, or a powerful King on a Throne with all The Bible Imagery that goes with it. This is why Satan created “The Game of Thrones”, to mock Our Father and get the last laugh. I can’t let this happen, all of God’s Children must tell Satan that “he” is the loser for being such an ignorant, mean asshole about Our Father, and about Our Oldest Brother in Heaven, The First of His Created Children in Heaven. Before God Created His First Son, God was alone. The Islamic religious leaders are assholes about this point.

What you see on the street that makes Our Father look like He doesn’t care is sometimes just Satanic people, trying to make Our Father look mean, but check anyway, with every kind of expert possible to find out for sure, k?

Satan is gloating and saying “I beat you old man”. See what I mean? Satan thinks he is superior because he beat Creator at a game of checkers. Is that an ignorant asshole or what?

I beat you at checkers, I beat you at checkers, is Satan. Who fucking cares asshole.

Paul said it best, “without love, I’m nothing”.

Satan has no love, he’s nothing. And such a moronic asshole it is unbelievable. We don’t care Satan, go fuck yourself. You’re nothing but an ignorant, moronic asshole, the biggest loser at life who ever existed or ever will exist, period. Nobody wants you asshole, no one who loves Our Beautiful Father in Heaven, loves His Beautiful Son and loves people, wants you at all Satan, or anyone like you. Thou art The Lord of The Flies you little shit, and your demon friends are The Flies, it’s no surprise that there are maggots with you, who are like flies on shit.

To keep Church and State separate, I will lead the task force against people with evil behaviour and all Satanic cults. They all communicate by “whispering“, they believe that they are talking to God. Induced schizophrenia using the radio portion of the EM Spectrum is what is happening. All authorities need an inexpensive product called “miracle ear” in one ear and inner ear bluetooth phone in the other. Learn to talk without moving your lips like a ventriloquist to activate the bluetooth phone. That’s what the terrorists do.

August 2, 2022 No mercy from Heaven

I saw a young girl today with her belongings in a wagon. A young girl who has had to understand the streets and be food for spirit men and live in fear of dangerous men at night. What is Heaven doing feeling pious while this is going on?

Where’s the mercy?

Where there is no mercy there is no God and no Son of God. Everyone appreciates The Lord’s Sacrifice but quite frankly, Love with mercy once is A Sacrifice, love with mercy all the time, is true love.

I don’t care what it costs or how much in debt you need to be to get every last person off the street that is causing a negative feeling in people and making them lose hope in life itself.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart (Summer deFernihough in fact)