Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

GrandDaughter of Edward Stanley deFernihough, Daughter of Winnifred Florence Rumble nee deFernihough

Gules, two lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure, used as the inofficial “coat of arms of Normandy”. Coat of arms attributed to “Arms of William the Conqueror (William I of England)”

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire


The reigning royal family are not the ones who are nobility. Nobility serves others and would not allow anyone to bow down to them, it is unholy. My family were tobacco merchants and their great fortune was taken by treachery. It must be returned to my family, whose name is deFernihough. Evidence is provided below, but there is much you do not know and that must be understood.

This is from Y’Aya, GOD over ALL. You will note His Signature from Targum Onkelos, The True Torah.


And this is me acting as the representative of Yeshwah Christ, and you will note His Signature as well, as I understood what he represented and the message of love and mercy he had for people while on Earth.

The Hebrew “waw”, pronounced “wah”, not “waw”, for those who do not know ancient Hebrew phonics. /ah/ is from ruah, meaning spirit. /ah/ not /aw/


I may not show you my face as it is because of what has been done to me.

Remember God loves you and Yeshwah loved you.

The Ancient Roman Religion that incorporated Christianity

What does this tell you? Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania representatives, The Secret Society known by insiders simply as “The Society” and The Canada Branch are also being asked to leave now. I have overwhelming evidence that you are part of The Roman Religion that incorporated Christianity and also definitive proof that you are part of The Synagogue of Satan mentioned at Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9

You are truly dangerous to the welfare of my people.

Genesis 6:3, Matthew 24:37 Bible time period 1914-2034 C.E.

We have entered the Bible time period identical to that of ancient Jericho and we are now an unknown number of weeks into it. Using the Bible principle of a day for a year, that means 7 years. There is a 5 year outside margin, depending on your actions and if you do not act, you will be found unworthy of life at all.

No one knows the day or the hour.

Beloved children of God,

Our Father in Heaven wants none of you to be destroyed, not one. And here is why. Our God loves His created people so much and His heart is so expansive and infinite in love that He does not want to harm a living soul. But to save you He must do some things and make decisions that He has to live with for the benefit of you. That’s why He must order the destruction of The Roman Religion, an ancient thing you know almost nothing about or nothing about. But He does not want to harm a living thing, not a sparrow falls without Him knowing it. But He is God, and a Father trying to save His children. So He must give the most terrible orders of all time at the end, but only to save as many as possible from destruction. Because you would truly perish if He didn’t, the enemy has many of you in His grip, but God will deliver you. I just wanted you to know how much He loves you.

ܘܐܠܘ ܠܐ ܐܬܟܪܝܘ ܝܘܡܬܐ ܗܢܘܢ ܠܐ ܚܝܐ ܗܘܐ ܟܠ ܒܣܪ ܡܛܠ ܓܒܝܐ ܕܝܢ ܢܬܟܪܘܢ ܝܘܡܬܐ ܗܢܘܢ
Matthew 24:22 And if those days were not shortened, not any flesh would live.~The Holy Aramaic Scriptures

God doesn’t want to bring the end, He has to. He doesn’t want to lose anyone but He must, but the only reason they will be lost is because they would not accept His love and the Sacrifice of His Son that makes eternal life possible.

There is still much time for people to be saved and the tribulation spoken of by Yeshua in Matthew Chapter 24 must occur before the end comes.

Luke 21:8 He replied: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them.

Do not listen to Watch Tower and do not listen to Kabbalistic Judaism. Kabbalism involves Jewish mysticism, magic and the occult, things we are warned about in The Bible at Deuteronomy Chapter 18. Kosher Judaism does not do these things but must also acknowledge Yeshua Christ in Heaven as The Messiah to be saved.

With love.

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Tiffany, Queen of The British Empire Worldwide



Alas my love you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously;
And I have loved you oh so long
Delighting in your company.
England was my delight,
England my heart of gold
England was my heart of joy
And who but my lady England.
I have been ready at your hand
To grant whatever thou would’st crave;
I have waged both life and land
Your love and goodwill for to have.
England was my delight,
England my heart of gold
England was my heart of joy
And who but my country England.
Thy petticoat of slender white
With gold embroidered gorgeously;
Thy petticoat of silk and white
And these I bought gladly.
England was my delight,
England my heart of gold
England was my heart of joy
And who but my country England.

Dedicated to Winnifred Florence Fernihough, my Mother.

Always funny, always humble, always faithful. She kept our history alive and instilled in us love for people. She could talk to anyone about anything.

She would have been the greatest Queen that The British Empire ever had.

I have come to understand that my father on Earth is also a faithful man, although he and my mother divorced when I was two years old and I only recently learned of his faith.

For my Grandfather, Edward Stanley Fernihough. You were orphaned, forgotten and sent away from your home. But look! Your Grandaughter has seen to it. Rest in peace. Your family loves you fiercely and kept the memory of you alive. Your name is restored to its rightful place.

Every life is Sacred and should be treated that way. No one should be discarded or forgotten, and they never are by God.

My beloved Grandfather, in our time no one remembered the name of God either. He knows how you feel. And this we shall also restore to its rightful place above every living thing. Zechariah 14:9, Psalms 83:18 And His Son with Him. Revelation 1:7.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

to be renamed Summer deFernihough.

Daughter of Winnifred Florence deFernihough

My ashes are upon the alter of God in Heaven, cremated, to bring you the truth of God

My Name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart Daughter of Winnie Florence Rumble (nee Fernihough)

Tiffany McTaggart, Sacred Daughter of Y’Aya, Winnie Rumble (nee Fernihough) Sacred Daughter of Ahyah.

Daughters of Ahyah, Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father

And neither one of us ever lost our Eternal Love or Faith in Our Creator and Sacred Father, Ahyah.

I only know when I know and I do things according to God’s will.

And that is our pride, proud to have defeated all of Satan and demons, in the absolute sense, and we are righteous and godly women. Sacred Daughters of The True God Ahyah.

As for my mother, Winnifred Florence deFernihough, she would have been the best Queen of The British Empire ever. She would talk to anyone, anywhere about anything, like she already knew them. She only loved people, and I always try to be like her. She always told me that she was praying for me. And I began to appreciate it more and got even more faith even up until the time she fell asleep in death. One thing is certain, she, would never want anyone to bow down to her either. I find the idea of anyone bowing down to any human revolting and profane and unsacred and in the vernacular, unholy.

Current reigning family, muppets and toy dinosaurs

Muppets and toy dinosaurs

The Lancashire Connection – Where the treachery took place

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart (Daughter of Winnifred Florence Fernihough), legal heiress to The British Empire, verified at Heraldry sent to College of Arms, England. This is what an actual Coat of Arms looks like. At lineage of John Charles Fernihough, a tobacco merchant leads to my Grandfather, Edward Stanley Fernihough. Iron clad evidence of this heraldry.

Princess Tiffany of Lancashire
Direct descendant of William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror continued simultaneously to be the Duke of Normandy and when he died his lands were divided between his male children. Normandy went to his first born, and the newly conquered England to his second surviving son. (A deadly power struggle ensued, and the fourth son, Henry I, ended up with the lot). England’s emerging statehood can be summed up in the fact that by 1106 Normandy had been re-claimed by Henry I, as a possession of England!

The need for legitimacy and family connections in an uncertain time may have played a part in the increased use of heraldry that followed Queen Matilda’s short reign.

After the death of Henry I, William’s grandson, Stephen of Blois in France, fought with Henry’s daughter Matilda for the right to rule England. This difficult period, known as The Anarchy, was brought to an end when Henry II (Matilda’s son) regained the crown.

Henry II, son of Geoffrey of Anjou, became the first of the Plantagenet kings. The name came from a flower, called “planta genet” in French; a kind of broom which Geoffrey grew on his French hunting grounds. He took to wearing a sprig of it in his hat and earned the nickname, Geoffrey Plantagenet.

Henry I may have used a single lion as a personal symbol, we can’t be sure, but his grandson Henry II certainly did, and the golden lion entered our consciousness as a symbol of English royalty.

1189–1198The arms of Richard I are only known from two armorial seals, and hence the tinctures can not be determined. His First Great Seal showed one lion on half of the shield. It is debated whether this was meant to represent two lions combatant or a single lion, and if the latter, whether the direction in which the lion is facing is relevant or simply an artistic liberty. A simple lion rampant is most likely.[23] 1198–1340
1360–1369The arms on the second Great Seal of Richard I, used by his successors until 1340: Gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or (Three golden lions on a red field, representing the ruler of the Kingdom of England, Duchy of Normandy and the Duchy of Aquitaine).[5][9]
Blessed be the Templar Knights and blessed be your loyalty and strength and courage and honor, I know that you can not be bought and that you fear nothing. I do love you. God be with you and the Lord be with you.

The red cross in particular was associated with the Templar Knights, from the time of the Second Crusade

but in 1188 red and white crosses were chosen to identify the French and English troops in the “Kings’ Crusade” of Philip II of France and Henry II of England, respectively. Together with the Jerusalem Cross, the plain red-on-white became a recognizable symbol of the crusader from about 1190, and in the 13th century it came to be used as a standard or emblem by numerous leaders or polities who wanted to associate themselves with the crusades.

The red-on-white combination was chosen by Aragon, among others. Saint George was depicted as a crusader knight during this time, but the red cross had no particular association with him.


The Right Rev. Dr. Smith, bishop of
Lichfield and Coventry, had two sons, Edmund
and John. The elder, Edmund Smith,
was father of Sir Thomas Smith, knt. of
Chester, who m. Catherine, daughter of Sir
William Brereton, and had a son, Sir Lawrence
Smith, of Hough. The younger,
John Smith, was father of
William Smith, who left a son and heir,
Thomas Smith, of Newcastle-under-Lyme,
who was s. by his son,
John Smith, esq. of Heath End House, near
Newcastle-under-Lyme, living in 1614, who
in that year, had his arms confirmed by St.
George, Norroy king of arms, at the visitation
then taken. He m. Alice, daughter of
Humfrey Weston, esq. of Madeley, and had
issue, Thomas, his heir ; Ralph; Anne, wife
of John Fernehough ; Eleanor ; Jane ; and
Mary. The eldest son,
Thomas Smith, esq. aged thirty in 1614,
m. Dorothy, daughter of William Yonge,
esq. of Keynton, and had two sons, Thomas
and Samuel. The elder,
Thomas Smith, esq. m. (settlement dated
1656,) Elizabeth Gregson, but had no issue.
By his will, dated 25th December, 1694, he
devised his estates to his brother,
Samuel Smith, esq. who had two sons,
Samuel and Jeremiah, and two daughters,
Sarah and Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Wood.
The elder son,
Samuel Smith, esq. of Hanley, in Staffordshire,
espoused (marriage settlement
dated 1696,) Mary James, of Chester, and
had a son and successor,
Thomas Smith, esq. tenant in tail by settlement
of 1696. He m. Margaret, sister
and heir of Charles Nicholls, esq. of Great
Fenton, in Staffordshire, and had issue, Jeremiah,
Thomas, Sarah, and Margaret. Mr.
Smith died 2nd April, 1729, and was s. by
his son,
Jeremiah Smith, esq. high sheriff of Staffordshire,
2 George III. who m. first, Margaret,
sister of the first Earl St. Vincent, who
died in childbed s.p. and secondly, Elizabeth,
daughter of John Jervis, esq. of Darlaston,
in Staffordshire. By her who died about
1796, he had issue,
Jeremiah, d. young, buried at Stoke.
Charles, d. unm. in 1795.
John, of whom presently.
Grace, m. to the Rev. William Greenwood,
of Bath, fellow of St. Johns
College, Cambridge.
Mr. Smith died in 1792, and was buried at
Stoke. His only surviving son is the present
John Smith, esq. of Elmhurst.
Arms – Gu. two bars wavy erm. on a chief
or, a demi-lion rampt. issuant sa. armed and
langued gu.
Crest – An ostrich holding in the beak a
horse shoe, ppr.
Estates – In Staffordshire.
Seat- Elmshurst, Staffordshire.
LLOYD, JOHN- WILLIAM, esq. of Dan-yr-allt, in the county of Caermarthen,
b. 3rd September, 1781, m. 29th January, 1807, AnnaMaria,
fifth daughter of John Longley, esq. of Boley Hillj
Kent, recorder of Rochester, and has issue,
John-Philipps, b. 27th April, 1808.
Henry-Robert, in holy orders, 6. 9th August, 1809.
St. Vincent, b. 23rd December, 1810.
Joseph-Howard-Francis, b. 29th May, 1812.
William-Christopher, b. 26th August, 1815.
Herbert, b. 26th December, 1821.
Anna-Maria, w. 6th September, 1836, to William, only
son of Robert Peel, esq. of Taliaris, in Caermarthenshire.

Mr. Lloyd, who is in the commission of the peace for the counties of Caermarthen and
Kent, succeeded to the estates in September, 1825, upon the demise of Sir Thomas
Stepney, bait, under the will of Admiral William Lloyd, to whom he was distantly
related, both being descended from collateral branches of the same family.
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From Vcrnai ; a loc n., Norm. Fernihough. From Fernihalgh ;
is the actual spelling.

Research may be found here and here.


From Vcrnai ; a loc n., Norm. Fernihough. From Fernihalgh ; not Lloyd of Ferney Hall.

Muppets and Plastic Dinosaurs vs Genuine Arms Heraldry – How did this happen? No one really knows

However, Windsor Herald and College of Arms did not recognize this fact.

Anecdotal 1844 Thomas Fernyhough died, having been Governor of the Military Knights of Windsor. In 1828 he wrote a book about the military exploits of the four Fernyhough brothers of Staffordshire. He was a keen genealogist and worked for many Staffordshire families, using his grace and favour residence in Windsor Castle as a convenient locality for researching in national archives. He assisted William Salt in his famous historical collection, which later became the nucleus for the William Salt Library in Stafford.

The office of Governor of the Military Knights of Windsor is part of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, and dates from the mid-sixteenth century.

How ironic.

Baptism Record for Edward Cudgington Fernihough “Tobacco Merchant”, note spelling “Cudgington”

Birth record of Edward Stanley Fernihough, legal heir to The British Empire.

Lancashire England is the link for the Fernihoughs and where the treachery took place.

My Grandfather was sent away from England

Edward Stanley Fernihough Grandfather birth record

John Charles Fernihough Great Grandfather birth record

Fernihough family history

S/S Scandinavian (2), Allan Line

Our name is actually deFernihough, the prefix /de/ denotes nobility.

It is my family’s hard earned tobacco money that was taken from us by treachery.

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Never forget

Love ”and” mercy

I fell into love with Yeshwa, the one on Earth when I read about him in this time period, and cultivated eternal love for him it was his humility that was the quality that attracted me. His humility and mercy. Now He is only love, like His Father and a girl gets to choose and I say ”NO”, an emphatic ”NO” about being His wife. If I am changed in any way from who I really am, Summer deFernihough, it is an abomination of me by my Creator, who is really only an insane artist, A Creator with no natural feelings of a father for his little girls. He ”has” love and has ”life”, and is the source of life on Earth, but does not understand love or life at all.

I am Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, a girl born with a birth defect and Our Creator does not understand how I came to be.

I am smoking ”natural” cigarettes, not ”organic cigarettes” The curing process of so called ”organic” cigarettes is the problem. 100% natural, dried and rolled natural tobacco with a filter adequate to remove environmental factors introduced into the environment by means of unnatural industrialization are no problem and ate NOT related to spiritism in any way, otherwise Our Creator would be guilty of providing something enjoyable that leads to spiritism. If it is bad for us, then it should not be provided at all and we should have a strong aversion to it. It seems to be a natural compliment to coffee. Tobacco grown in pristine natural soil, with new seeds produced for each generation of tobacco plants, would eventually lead to the actual natural amount of each substance found in tobacco, the numbers would stabilize and this would indicate the amount of these substances, easily tolerated and eliminated by the body. At the correct price point, using the economic guide provided below, tobacco companies would have unprecedented profit beyond their wildest dreams. My actual name is Summer deFernihough and my family were wealthy tobacco merchants, whose money was taken from them by treachery that occurred in Lancashire, England where many deFernihough’s live, stripped of the prefix ”de” which indicates nobility.